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Who Is P1493 Fitness® For?

Our choreography is designed for most age and fitness levels. These workouts are a combination of cardio and strength training that can be easily modified. We make it possible to exercise as moderately or as vigorously as you choose, however, we usually get so caught up in the music that we don’t realize how hard we’re working so it is important to “listen to your body” always.

*As a note: Remember there are risks involved with any exercise program so please use good judgment and speak with your doctor if you have any questionable health concerns.

Do I Need To Know How To Dance?

NO DANCE EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to participate. The goal is not to get the steps exactly like the instructors or even anyone else, but to find joy and freedom in following the best that you can while safely exercising and having fun. As Christians, we cultivate an accepting and loving environment filled with people who desire to be a part of this uplifting fitness experience free from judgement…so come as you are!

What Will I Need To Participate?

Just a few things:

  • Water to keep hydrated throughout your workout
  • A small sweat towel
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing (we recommend shoes that are supportive and smooth on the bottom with less grip in order to make twisting and turning movements easier on your joints)
  • Patience and acceptance of yourself just as you are with no inhibitions

What Does P1493 Mean?

It stands for PSALM 149:3 – “Let them praise His name with dancing; Let them sing praises to Him with tambourine and harp.” To find out more, view Our Name.

How Can I Become An Instructor OR Where Can I Find A Class Near Me?

Due to the response that we have received we are growing quickly and working towards establishing several different entities within P1493 Fitness®. Specifically, we are in the process of establishing the capability to expand the instructor community. However, Prairieville, Louisiana is currently the only area able to offer live classes at this time. We will keep you posted concerning our progress and when we will begin offering licensing outside of this area. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated with all of the latest information here.

What Do I Need To Know As An Online Participant?

Whether you are enjoying our choreography videos on YouTube privately from home or within your small group please read the “participant info” located under the “live classes” column at the top of this website.

In What Order Should I Do The Online Videos?

It’s entirely up to you! However, as certified fitness instructors we recommend starting slow with modified movements (see videos labeled “warm-up”). Then gradually increase your intensity, use at least two of the strength training videos with light weights (2-3 lbs) or no weight for beginners, and cool down slowly ending with light stretching of the entire body from bottom to top. 20-60 minutes of exercise per session is sufficient depending on your fitness level.

Are The Shirts Seen In The YouTube Videos Available For Purchase?

Yes, see the “shop” section of this website. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated with all of the latest information here.

Can I purchase DVDs of the choreography seen on the P1493® YouTube channel?

DVDs are not for sale because we do not have copyrights to the music used in the videos. All proceeds for the advertisements shown on our channel support the artists and/or their record labels.