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Hear What Some Of Our Instructors Think Of Being A Part Of P1493 Fitness®


“I became an instructor in February of 2011 and have truly enjoyed leading others in dance fitness. The many people that I’ve had the privilege to meet along the way and the beautiful friendships that I’ve made are absolutely precious to me. Still, when I felt the strong desire to combine my love for my faith with the joy I find in dancing and fitness, it got even better. Now, with P1493 Fitness®, I have the wonderful liberty of what I like to call ‘Having it all’!! I not only get to help nurture the health of myself and others physically, but also spiritually through the encouraging and worshipful Christian music. This, of course, also positively impacts our mental and emotional health as well which is great! I enjoy everything about it; the uplifting music, the kind and carefree people, the beautiful relationships, the dancing like nobody is watching (although they’re looking straight at me..Lol), the sweaty workout, the choreographing, and even the many times of showing up to class exhausted from my day but always leaving revived and full of energy. I truly do LOVE it all! However, I must admit that my most favorite part is secretly dancing from my heart for my Jesus because all of me loves all of Him.”

– Chrissie


“I have always had a love for dance. In my younger days I was always the life of the party. I was always the first one on the dance floor and could always get others to join in. However once I gave my life to Christ I knew that the Lord was not pleased with my dancing and the music I was dancing to. It made me sad to think that I wouldn’t be able to dance again.

I started attending classes a year and half ago. The more I went to class and chose to fill myself with the music, the more the Lord honored that and took the desire for the secular songs away.

He has also used it to help take away fear in my life. At times when I felt paralyzed with fear I would get up and dance/worship through it. There is something very powerful about it.

I am so privileged to not only be a participant in this for a year and a half now, but I also have the privilege of being an instructor for a year now. Nothing brings me greater joy than leading the class in this beautiful thing called P1493 Fitness®.

I am so thankful that God chose me to be a small part of it. He is so faithful and will bless your life immensely if you will just submit your life to Him and His desires.

Thank you Lord that you have given me the ability to dance and that you have provided this powerful outlet for me to do it!! You made a way when I thought there was none. Great is your faithfulness!”

– Laci Savoy


“I have never been a dancer. I have never been a fitness fanatic. I didn’t have a love or desire for either of those things, but what I did have was a love for Jesus and a love to praise Him.

When Chrissie began teaching these classes, I knew I had to try them because of this wonderful thing she was doing, combining fitness with praising our Savior. I began attending the classes, even though I live 30 minutes away. I loved them! I did not anticipate loving this dance fitness class as much as I did.

Some things happened in my personal life that would take me away from the classes for several months but the desire to be there never left me. I continued to feel a pull back to that place. I finally went back and it was even better than I remembered! It became a sort of ‘pressure valve’ for me. In the process of dancing, praising and sweating, I was able to let go of anything negative that happened during my day.

My precious husband could see how much I loved this amazing thing called P1493 Fitness® and God used him to encourage me to become an instructor. I have poured my heart into learning what it takes to become an instructor and by God’s amazing grace, He has given me the ability. So much so that some participants believe I have a dance background. How cool is that?! God gave me the ability to do this and then a little extra because everything that He does, He does well! And I’m no exception!

I know that it’s only because of Him that I’m able to do this and I’m so excited to see how He uses this beautiful ministry!”

– Jennifer Bailey