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Chrissie Hogan


“I’ve definitely figured out that the more I surrender and trust God with all that I have and do, the more He gives me to have and do…and for only one reason; that He may be known strong in my weakness to be able to do it all.”

As a busy wife and mother of 6 very active boys, Chrissie found herself returning to her childhood love of dancing as part of her need to find refreshing and rejuvenation apart from her, at times, exhaustive duties as a stay-at-home-mom. Now, her 18 year journey as a Christian combined with her lifelong joy of dance has given her tremendous healing, freedom within, and the desire to establish this company.

“Dancing through praise and worship comes from a place deep within me and out of sincere gratitude for having been set free, delivered, and healed by the Lover of My Soul.”

Her heart’s desire is to allow God to completely have His way in and through her as He brings love, freedom, encouragement, health, and financial support to others through this ministry. It is her passion for others to experience the same healing and joy that she has found in living a lifestyle of worship unto Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

“Dancing, with the right heart, is certainly a divine and pleasantly expressive way to engage in Christian worship.”

(For more of Chrissie’s story and the origin of P1493 Fitness visit ‘Our History’)